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BATI TEL ORGU, our policy has always been about quality, control and robustness. It manufactures on wire fence systems using the best quality materials. The mesh wire weaves and fences we produce are made of high quality material that is always durable and can be used without deformation for many years.


With highly qualified employees and highly equipped machinery park, it gives confidence both to its employees and to the many national and international giants it serves.


Having the broadest and new product range of the industry is, of course, just one step. The best panel systems preferred by the world are produced with the latest technology.


As it is in our works until today, our basic principle in our subsequent services is to present our production and service quality to our customers at the best prices and to maintain unconditional customer satisfaction as the basic principle in all cases.


BATI GRUP MARKETING INDUSTRY AND TRADE offers value to its customers and employees with its wide range of products and services, its reliability, quality management, extensive service network, product range pioneer, expert staff and customer focused service understanding, is a global company that comes to mind first and is preferred.


Our company adopts quality consciousness in today's business world in rapidly developing technology and competitive environment. Projecting, project solution manufacturing, assembly, quality, price and on-time delivery are our biggest differences. It is our slogan to make the spaces elegant by the effort of presenting beauty in the combination of technology and aesthetics. Your suggestions and your likes are aggrieved.

We protect the nature, because we love it.
BATI TEL ORGU has achieved to become the leader company of the sector by reaching today's quality level.

Your trust is our greatest happiness.
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Panel Fence - Wire Mesh - Automatic Door Systems

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Your trust is our greatest happiness.


Bati Tel Orgu Sistemleri
Ostim 1200 sk. No:67
Yenimahalle/ Ankara
Tel: +90 (312) 385 40 62
Faks: +90 (312) 385 40 62


Bati Tel Orgu Sistemleri
Ornek Sanayi Sitesi
1267 sk. No:1
Yenimahalle / Ankara




+90 (312) 385 40 62

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